Clinicians need timely decision support to help guide successful treatment of patients on a case-by-case basis, every day

The intelligent clinical decision support (CDS) provided by ILÚM helps clinicians make more informed decisions sooner

  • Promotes early recognition, appropriate interventions, and adherence to evidence-based clinical treatment pathways
  • Delivers notifications into multiple clinical workflows
  • Configured to each hospital’s individual clinical pathways, workflows, and quality program priorities

The ILÚM Command Center Dashboard offers patient case browsing and prioritization so care coordinators, clinicians, and pharmacists can intervene when it counts

  • Active cases and intervention opportunities configured based on patient syndrome, such as sepsis, or clinical program priorities, such as those in place to optimize the use of antimicrobials
  • Case visualization fed by real-time data from the EHR that enables tracking of clinical pathway adherence and promotes timely intervention (eg, serum lactate level measurement in suspected sepsis)
  • Comprehensive data-driven antimicrobial stewardship provided throughout treatment pathway
    • Highlights opportunities for drug optimization, such as bug-drug mismatch, IV-PO conversions, antibiotic de-escalation, and redundant therapy avoidance
  • Promotes clinical communication and information sharing between program leads and frontline clinicians
  • Facilitates multidisciplinary care and virtual rounding, enabling a team-based, patient-centered approach to ID management

ILÚM keeps clinicians aware of susceptibility patterns of local bacteria

  • Automated and interactive antibiograms, in accordance with CLSI standards, with the ability to look back up to 12 months and configured based on factors such as specimen source and patient location

Advanced data analytics with ILÚM

Performance reports from ILÚM are automated and configured to local quality programs, ensuring more time to focus on information and key indicators instead of report generation.

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