What is ILÚM?

An infectious disease (ID) platform and real-time information service that supports patient management decisions, quality programs, and better outcomes through

  • Point-of-care clinical decision support via the Insight Platform
  • Ongoing partnership that provides clinical consulting and outcomes research
  • Tracking population outcomes and executing a continuous quality improvement cycle

Unlock the full potential of your electronic patient data with ILÚM

What does ILÚM do?

  • Maintains a longitudinal patient record and tracks patient-specific risk factors, laboratory results, and epidemiology
  • Delivers actionable notifications highlighting high-risk patients and opportunities for intervention based on your quality and safety goals
  • Utilizes precision medicine capabilities to improve antibiotic prescribing by creating patient-specific antibiograms that predict the likelihood of organism susceptibility within each patient
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Efficiently target patients and accelerate time to interventions

Efficiently and consistently track performance, prescribing, and patient outcomes

Enhance timely communication and clinical collaboration within workflow

How ILÚM supports improved outcomes in your institution

Historical and real-time patient data.

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AMS=antimicrobial stewardship; RDT, rapid diagnostic test.